List of must visit places and must try foods in Ipoh

Concubine Lane (怡保二奶巷)This old street has experienced a revival in recent years and is now a culturally vibrant place with over 20 century-old houses, attracting visitors with its nostalgic charm. After a period of dormancy, Concubine Lane has been transformed into a cultural street with handicraft shops, guesthouses, local produce stores, and various street food stalls. Today, it has become one of Ipoh’s most famous tourist attractions, where visitors can not only take pictures and explore but also indulge in delightful local delicacies.

Ding Feng Chaoshan Tofu Pudding (顶峰潮州豆腐花)

怡保驰名顶丰传统潮州豆腐花Ding Feng Teow Chew Tau Fu Fa

This eatery is one of the most popular stalls in Concubine Lane, attracting crowds with its traditional and flavorful Chaoshan-style tofu pudding. What sets it apart is that they do not use syrup but instead drizzle the tofu pudding with ginger juice, sprinkle sugar and sesame on top, creating a delightful blend of smooth tofu and sweet sugar. They also offer unique options like bird’s nest tofu pudding, leicha soy milk, and bird’s nest soy milk.

Red Bean Ice Dessert at Concubine Lane (二奶巷红豆冰)


If you’re feeling tired from strolling along Concubine Lane in the hot sun, quench your thirst with a refreshing red bean ice dessert. This cooling treat is generously filled with flavorful red beans, offering a delightful and delicious respite from the heat. You’ll also find other icy delights like Cendol and Ice Kacang, as well as savory options such as handmade noodles and the famous Ipoh-style caramel custard.

Lee Hong Kee River Fresh (利兴发河嘻)


Hor Hee” or river fresh noodles are a beloved local delicacy in Ipoh, and Lee Hong Kee is highly recommended for its authentic flavors. The clear and sweet broth is made from fish bones, anchovies, and freshwater fish, accompanied by fish balls, fish cakes, and preserved vegetables, garnished with chopped spring onions and fried shallots, creating a bowl of delicious and aromatic “Hor Hee.”

Plan B


Not far from Concubine Lane, you’ll find Plan B, a popular café known for its open and stylish ambiance. The large glass windows allow warm natural light to filter in, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Perfect for brunch, their Big Breakfast is a crowd-pleaser, while their creamy Mocha is a great choice for a pleasant afternoon break, providing a quieter escape from the bustling crowds of Concubine Lane.

Wong Koh Kee Restaurant (黄高记饭店)


A popular eatery on Concubine Lane, Wong Koh Kee is renowned for its two signature dishes: “Pipa Chicken” (琵琶鸡) and “Gu Lou Yok” (咕咾肉). The Pipa Chicken may look like ordinary roasted chicken, but the tender meat and crispy skin with a slight saltiness will keep you coming back for more. The Gu Lou Yok, or sweet and sour pork, is equally delicious, with a perfect sticky sauce coating the crispy meat. The old-established restaurant’s culinary standards are truly exceptional.

Kafe Yoon Wah (新元华雪花啤酒)

For a delightful evening, visit Kafe Yoon Wah to enjoy Snow Beer and specialty snacks. Snow Beer is served in a frozen glass, creating a layer of snowy ice as soon as the beer is poured, resulting in an extremely refreshing and icy-cold experience. Pair your Snow Beer with signature dishes like “gong yu zai “, pork intestine, and blanched baby octopus, adding to the satisfaction of exploring Concubine Lane.

Tian Jin Tea House (天津茶室)


When it comes to Ipoh, you must visit Tian Jin Tea House. This popular food destination offers an array of signature dishes, including shredded chicken hor fun (flat rice noodles), caramel custard, satay pork, and rice noodle rolls, allowing you to sample various authentic Ipoh delicacies all in one place!

Enjoy your time in Ipoh and have a wonderful food adventure!

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